Paris Night Eiffel Tower Temë

Paris Night Eiffel Tower

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  • You should have Dodol installed before running this Paris Night Eiffel Towertheme. Paris Night C Launcher Theme If you are actually bored out of your Home screen without any unique charms and you are looking for romantic and lovely theme for your phone this theme is not your second choice. The color match is cool and of visual enjoyment. You will love this theme because of its beautiful color and design. Now just dress up your Android device with delicate themes. Go Ahead and find the brand new theme for and customize and personalize your android device. If you love the romantic feelings of Paris why not try to use Paris Night C Launcher Theme sincerely provided by C Launcher. This theme is full of magic and fantasy which will satisfied all your imaginations about romantic Paris. Paris Night is incredible lovely and with nostalgic style. The wallpaper is typical Paris night with well known Eiffel Tower in it. Streetlights shine with stars that ;s why the wallpaper will bring an peaceful and romantic feelings into your Android phone. Moreover each icon is specially designed to match the main color of Paris night. With these cute and lovely icons you will not resist to keep watching and playing your phone. Beyond a regular theme Paris Night C Launcher Theme not only convey you the sense of romantic but also the love towards life. By using this Paris Night Theme let ;s fly to the most romantic place in your heart. It ;s totally FREE Don ;t hesitate anymore. Paris Night C Launcher Theme is compatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similar products. Download Paris Night C Launcher Theme and have a try now This is not only a launcher you can use to beautify your phone but also a smart master to manage your device. Features 1 theme with 3 wallpapers 40 icons Exquisite app icons wallpapers folder and app drawer interface How to apply a theme Install ;CLauncher ; if you haven t yet on Google Play: Press the home button and set the CLauncher as the default home launcher Open the launcher menu by select [beautify center]and apply the theme of your choice. That s all. C Launcher: C what s you like Here we have the most adorable and fabulous wallpaper and theme. You can be your own designer and DIY your themes using family s photo or your cute pet. Highly customized home scream make your smart phone more personalized. You can share your art theme work with your friend let them use your designation or give it like a gift We help you know better about your smart phone the battery the storage and other efficient tool. You ll C everything you like with C launcher More features are coming soon stay tuned. More FREE live wallpaper Quick launch panel on lock screen Friendly navigation and clean UI without pushing you to do what you don t like Users Voice Our users really love C Launcher and we believe you will too Very nice app. easy to use on core 2. Very smooth Kunal Patel I love it It makes my phone more adorable Ashley I have been using this theme for weeks Its nice interesting. Simply i love it Hussein Mussa This is so unique and have not found anything like this. Very proud user and would very much recommend this To anyone.....Thanks C Launcher for amazing app... Jessica Pyles Snethen I believe this is the best of best launcher ever. Perfect Omar monfil Thank you for downloading our Paris Night C Launcher Theme. If you like this launcher theme please leave a positive review. Your support will inspire us to design more themes. Thank you Feel free to contact us: E mail: Facebook:

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