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Luxury Red Rose Keyboard

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  • Free Download Red Rose Keyboard with luxury roses keyboard skins, golden petal keys, fashion font and gun sound. The Luxury Red Rose Keyboard theme is a free girly theme that will make your phone keyboard more fun and more beautiful. Whether your phone is a Samsung or Huawei, Red Rose Keyboard theme is designed to let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobile operating experience. Features for Red Roses Keyboard Theme: ? A red rose, rose petal to create a wallpaper for this roses keyboard ? Custom gold petal icons sparkle on the keys ? Custom bubble gum icons for the setting, themes and emoji ? Custom font hand picked to match this girly keyboard ? Red Rose Keyboard Theme will personalize and stylish your android phone How to apply Red Rose Keyboard Theme ? Notice: The Red Rose Keyboard is a plugin app 1. Download Keyboard theme, tap the INSTALL button. 2. Download our keyboard from Google Play Store. If you already installed, please tap the APPLY button. 3. After installed and applied, Red Rose Keyboard themes for android will be automatically displayed on your phone when typing. Keyboard Features : ?Theme Center: Find all sorts of theme categories, including tech, basic, cool, crystal(krystal), golden, pink, la la stars and many more. You can find all the themes you love in the Keyboard (typewriter) theme center. ?Animated themes: Make you phone unique with all sorts of cool animated effects. ?Touch tone themes: Personalize the touch tone of your keyboard (typewriter) with different themes. Become a pianist while typing with our Piano theme or go retro with our Mechanical Keyboard (typewriter) theme's typewriter tone. There are loads more supported themes waiting for you to explore. ?Customizable fonts: Each theme comes with its matching font style, so you could enjoy a fuller experience of your chosen theme. More font styles will be available in the future, rest assured that you will find the font style you love. ?Function keys: Keyboard (typewriter) allows you to personalize your function keys using different themes. ?Large emoji selection: When you feel that words are not enough to express your feelings, try sending an emoji! A large selection of emoji is pre-installed on Keyboard (typewriter) for you to add more fun to your chats! Thank you for your support :)

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