Waptrick Horoscope VIRGO


Virgo, you could get carried away by all the good energy surrounding you; make a special effort to keep your feet firmly on the ground and your mind clear regarding who you truly are. You take a good look at yourself and decide you like what you see; the strides you’re making on the inside radiate on the outside! Time spent with an old friend creates a sense of nostalgia that you relish. You’re tuned in to those around you, and this warms your heart as you see the feelings they share; you send thanks for your circle. You savor a sweet exchange you overhear between a certain couple. Being on the sidelines is a relief as you become more of an observer. You might get off-track briefly if you don’t watch yourself. Taking a few moments from the hectic day to do something nice for yourself is very strongly indicated later, Virgo.

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