Waptrick Horoscope AQUARIUS

  • 30/05/2020

    Aquarius, sexuality, material gain and dominance are what turn you on right now; being in control creates a feeling of security for you, especially during this cycle. You’re interested in the unknown and forbidden; is someone flirting that shouldn’t beperhaps you’re the one who’s out of line; remember, you get what you give. You get to the bottom of a nagging problem and bring it to an end. Friends need your help on a project and your ideas are exactly what’s needed. A nice person’s there for you today and lends a kind ear; your turn comes to listen to this person when they need you. Your aloof mood makes it easier to rework something when no one wants to cross you. You could discover a new habit. Someone makes known how much you unknowingly helped him or her when they needed it most, Aquarius.

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