Waptrick Horoscope SCORPIO

  • 30/05/2020

    Scorpio, looking back on how you handled some things in the past helps you in the present. Being able to see clearly makes a huge difference in an important decision you have to make. What motivates others interests you. You may feel removed from a situation that should involve you, but doesn’t; sit back and observe as this unfolds and you see that it is as it should be! The universe always seems to have your back, but especially during this particular phase. Big smiles forecast later. Doing your best for someone else produces fabulous karma; you love repaying favors! You could have a strong sense of wistfulness or perhaps being unsettled; you may fear that someone will leave you or want to! Being clear about your feelings could save a sinking ship. Things are looking up in a good number of areas for you now, Scorpio.

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